KamiL Torczewski


Numbers, data, facts

Co-founder of White Raven Academy, Member ofManagement Board and Client Services Director.

Co-author and co-creator of Six Sigma Academy– first institution in Poland providing Six Sigma Black Belt trainings.

Graduate from theWrocław University of Technology(2001)in Production System Management, specializing in Quality Management andGraduate at 'ISRU Six Sigma Black Belt Programme' (University of Newcastle, 2003).

He has practiced as a trainer and a consultant since 2003with over 4500 training and consulting hours behind him,  in collaboration with managers and boards of managements of various companies in different industries in Poland and abroad. He is a lecturer and coordinator of Postgraduate Studies in Quality Managementat Wrocław University of Technology.



KamiL is a master of ZEN. Nina –KamiL's dog is also a rightful claimant of this distinction.Those who know KamiL know his charismatic mastery of  composure and understanding. Those who know him a bit more, also know that KamiL holds within him, boundless energy that can move mountains. He can vaporizes problems both, by his charm or by perseverance.

From his first journey to India, KamiL brought back a very vivid red shirt, which he would wear to his business meetings, in defiance of the wide spread blacks, whites and greys. He is like curry mix. Motor biking, Balkan sounds, Tibetan bowls, vegetarian cuisine, mountain treks, Sufi music are some of the inseparable elements of his personality.

As a trainer, he is the secret weapon of the Academy. He brings a systematic approach based on 'numbers, data and facts' in appropriate proportions connected with interesting examples and stories collected through years of experience. Once someone wrote after the training that 'this guy is even able to make an interesting presentation of  a telephone book'.

Some other person wrote, ‘He is the best decision maker, with whom we had the opportunity to consult  difficult choices and we continue to wonder why KamiL is spelled with a capital L.. at the end.



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